Things that you can recycle for cash

By Admin Feb 4th, 2013


Decluttering your home can not only be therapeutic but profitable too. It’s amazing what amount of the so-called junk that can be found at the back of the drawer or in the spare room that you could recycle for cash.

Here we give you some ideas of things that you can recycle to get some extra cash.

  1. All the Books
    Green Metropolis is a great website for getting rid of your old and unwanted books. All paperbacks and hardbacks can be purchased at £3.75 additionally; the seller gets £3 of this. Postage comes out of the £3, so with a general paperback costing 92p (under 250g) the owner will receive £2.08. That is £2.08 greater than would have been earned putting it in the bin and there are a large numbers of readers looking forward to books. Green Metropolis is free of charge to join and then there are no fees.
  2. CDs, Games & DVDs is a good site for recycling your unwanted media. Some items fetch as little as 30p, other things can fetch significantly more. It’s very easy to check, either by scanning their barcodes with a webcam or by adding the barcode number manually. The fantastic advantage of using Music Magpie is that you send all your items at once and are paid when they are checked, so there are no awaiting people to buy or send money – an easy way to recycle for cash.
  3. Ink cartridges
    It can be easier than you think to recycle your used ink cartridges now, with lots of sites offering to take them off your hands for money or loyalty points.One popular site, will pay around £4.50 depending on the type of cartridge.Tesco also recycles ink cartridges. If you’re an avid Clubcard point saver this particular one might be for you, with each cartridge fetching 50 points (and 50p donated to charity). But be aware that it if desire to recycle the empty ink cartridges from work you need to get permission; this can be considered theft otherwise.
  4. Mobile Phones
    There are numerous sites that offer to grant cash for old mobile phones – for many smart phones, you may get £100 or maybe more back. Using a website such as Mobile Phone Xchange can get you a great deal.It’s also worth checking cash-back sites for instance Quidco, to see if the recycling company you select is offering cash-back.
  5. Clothing Items
    If you have unwanted but good quality garments hanging around, you may either recycle for money or swap them for something different. Consider using a site as – this is free to join and you may swap, sell or buy (often at a low price).In case you have bulk items you would like to get rid of quickly, try somewhere like; they pay up to 50p per kilogram for unwanted clothing, shoes (paired), bags, belts and much more.
  6. Laptops
    You are able to recycle for money gadgets including digital cameras, laptops, mp3′s along with a large number of other gadgets and earn cash. Have a look at to find out ways to get the price for your item.

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