Why HotGBDeals? is a leading community based money saving website, founded with the simple aim of allowing consumers to share money saving tips, deals and discount vouchers. The site is 100% free to use and offers exclusive tips and deals from a fast growing network of consumers.


How to use HotGBDeals?

This site has been developed to enable consumers to share deals and offers with others. The purpose of the site is to allow the public to search for and share potential saving opportunities. Everyone can post to the website, whether you're a business or consumer, however our users rate deals with the best deals getting more exposure.

We have a simple Play Fair Policy, which means that although we allow businesses to promote themselves on the site through deal postings, we ask that the deals posted are sufficiently hot to generate interest. We typically request businesses to only post offers which have over 50% discounts.

We encourage our community to self police and through honest rating the site will be useful for all.

We do have a few rules to keep things safe and friendly so please read these carefully:

- Please don't post anything that's offensive, abusive, menacing, aggressive, upsetting, racist, sexist, political, or in any way discriminatory.

- If you do post a deal, please use friendly and clean language

To use the site, simply register with your details and begin either posting deals or rating other deals.

To vote a deal, use the arrows next to the deal. The hotter the deal, the more members have voted the deal popular. Deals which get enough votes tend to get promoted higher up, hence getting more exposure.

As you share deals with the community you will be awarded points and badges, which can contribute towards prizes and exclusive deals.

You don't need to register to view deals, but registering does give you access to our Hot Deals newsletter, with the best deals summarised in your inbox.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us at

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